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Sep 2012

WILD SALMON or FARM RAISED? What is the difference?

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I have always wondered the answer to this question.  Being a salmon lover myself
there was always just “salmon”.  Then all of the sudden one day we are choosing farm or wild.

I am reading a book called Nutrition for Champions, by Dr. Michael Colgan.  This book gives you the cold hard facts about everything from meat, fish, fats, salts etc.  I will give you my highlights that I learn, so you

can possibly make better choices!

Farmed fish has a grain based diet which has increased their saturated fat and altered the composition of the other fats(omegas).  But, what is worse is the evidence that farmed fish are contaminated with polybrominated diphenyls(PBDs), dioxins, and pesticides, mostly from their feed.  PBDs are highly toxic, flame-retardant chemicals, now used widely in building construction.  They have found that farmed salmon from Los Angeles to Toronto, Boston to Miami, London to Edinburgh, all showed at least 20 times the levels of PBDs compared to wild salmon.

When shopping WILD SALMON, CHINOOK, is the best type Dr. Colgan suggests.  Highest in OMEGA 3.

Hope this helps!!!!!


Danielle Wasser

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