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Nov 2016

My Fit Hero becomes My Fit Mom

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Fit MomFit Mom

Since I started this site my life has changed… for the better.   I have got married and just had a baby girl.

I decided since I love sharing with everyone my testimonials or mom experiences I would share those here on my site.  My journey to pregnancy was a long one.

Tips to get pregnant / infertility-

  • My favorite was the Dao Flow Yoga Dvd.  I did this at least 3x aweek.  It comes with 4 dvds all based on where you are in your cycle. *
  • Uteri-Calm  *
  • Red raspberry leaf tea
  • Castor Oil packs with wool cloth and heat.
  • Fertility massages and acupuncture
  • Theralogix Thera Natal Complete vitamins (recommended by my Doctor).


Pre-Natal Pregnancy Nutrition

  • I enjoyed avocados, bananas, and berries.
  • Isagenix IsaLean Protein bars**
  • Occasional Isagenix Shake (sometimes my body wanted food). **

Pre- Natal Exercise

  • I walked my dog 30 minutes a day religiously
  • I invested in some pre-natal DVDs.  I am bought quite a few.  Being a fitness instructor/personal trainer you can say I was picky about what I chose to work out with.
  • Pre-Natal Yoga *-  This was amazing!!  I didn’t even realize it came with 2 DVD’s, total 4 workouts, till after a month.  One DVD is a full 90 min class, the other comes with 15,30,45, 60 minute workouts.
  • Pre-Natal Pilates  *- 10 Minute Solution Pilates. Being a Pilates instructor I wasn’t sure which moves were safe to do.  I like how her video was  no fluff and broken down into different videos to choose for different body parts.
  • I did light weights 2x a week and tried to limit the all out FOOD binges.

My delivery and recovery was really good.  I attribute this to taking care of myself before and during my pregnancy.  Being pregnant isn’t an excuse to eat for two all the time!



*I am not compensated for promoting these products

** I am an independent consultant for Isagenix.  I am compensated for selling these products. Contact me for more information.



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Jul 2014

Miss United States – Pageant – Swimsuit Tips

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Miss United States – Swimsuit competition

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I have had the honor of working with pageant contestants to help

them get ready for their pageant competitions.  I find that many times there are beautiful pageant contestants that couldv’e

easily helped their swimsuit body with my nutritional cleansing program.

Miss United States- Miss North Carolina

Miss NC USA Swimsuit

Miss NC USA Swimsuit

I have been working with Elizbeth Safrit for over a year.  I first met her when she won Miss Charlotte USA, and was preparing for Miss North Carolina USA.   Within four months on my system she transformed her body for Miss North Carolina USA.   Everyone noticed a difference when she arrived at Miss North Carolina USA.  “You are amazing and I am so grateful for everything you helped me with as MISS CHARLOTTE USA preparing for MISS NC USA. I wouldn’t trade my swimsuit body for anyone else’s, I was fit and toned thanks to all your hard work as my nutrition coach and health sponsor! Love you! People who have known me for years were blown away with my transformation in 4 months.  You are the best ever!”  Elizabeth Safrit.

Elizabeth, didn’t win that competition.  But, things happen for a reason.



Few months later she won Miss NORTH CAROLINA UNITED STATES. She worked extra hard to win MISS UNITED STATES.  I have never seen such determination.

Miss NC United States

Miss NC United States

On July 6, 2014, Elizabeth’s hard work paid off. She performed flawlessly.   With my guidance and her hard work her swimsuit body continued to be the envy of other pageant girls, and wowed the judges.   Just before the announcement of who won, the Miss United States system announced that the winner for the first time would go to MISS WORLD.    There was only one contestant in who nailed her onstage question, rocked swimsuit with her fit toned body, and was pure grace in evening gown.  That would be your next Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit.

Her crowning moment click here from Pageant Planet.


Photo: Paul Anthony Belletierie and Mid Atlantic Video Prod.

Photo: Paul Anthony Belletierie and Mid Atlantic Video Prod.

Paul Anthony Belletiere and Mid Atlantic Video Photography

Paul Anthony Belletiere and Mid Atlantic Video Photography

“Thank you for introducing me to my all-time favorite nutrition plan. You taught me how to make being healthy easy and fun (hello, hot yoga!).  I can’t wait to design a nutrition plan with you for Miss World!” Elizabeth Safrit

Having a pageant coach to compete at your best level is paramount when you decide to enter a pageant.   Having an expert perfect your walk, interview, wardrobe, swimsuit will help you be your personal best.  If you aren’t doing it, trust me your competition is.  If you are in North Carolina, Lauren Merola Strager is the best for Teens and Miss, and Katie Britt Greenway for the younger age groups and children.

My goal is to help young ladies learn the value of proper eating, super food nutrition, and detoxing.  When you couple this with the right fitness type for YOUR body, you get amazing results.


If you are a pageant contestant looking to compete in any pageant.  My pageant swimsuit game plan can help you no matter where you live.


Your Swimsuit Coach

Your Swimsuit Coach

Contact me at:

Danielle Wasser-Edwards



facebook: MY FIT HERO

Twitter: Daniellefithero



Special thanks to Paul Anthony Belletierie and Mid Atlantic Video for their pictures, and Elizabeth for trusting me.

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Nov 2013


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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the MISS NORTH CAROLINA USA and NORTH CAROLINA TEEN USA pageant.Being a former pageant competitor myself, I look forward to these pageants. In a way it is like I am reliving my youth, but I love the beauty and grace all these women possess. I competed in the Miss Florida USA and Miss California USA pageants. I was the first preliminary winner the year they started doing preliminary pageants, Miss Broward USA. That year my competition was fierce. Very similar to the Top 10 at MISS NC USA.

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Oct 2013

Halloween Candy To Eat or Give

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Growing up Halloween was a close tie to Christmas. I could remember going house to house, till my parents dragged me home. The candy would cover the kitchen table. I could remember the following weeks my lunch always had a special candy treat that normally wasn’t there. Trick or treating was at a time, when it was “safe”. We didn’t have to over inspect the candy as much and there weren’t so many rules. There was always the one DUD house that gave

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Sep 2013

Sleep creates Weight Loss- Isagenix

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Late night snacking, or Lack of Sleep ?

Many of my clients find that it is easy to eat healthy during the day, workout, do their Isagenix shakes and snacks, but they hit a road block when it comes to getting enough sleep OR late night snacking when then should be sleeping.

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Sep 2013

Running a 5k- Program, Nutrition, Supplements

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As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts I enjoy various types of exercise from kickboxing, dancing,pilates, yoga and weight training. Running however was never part of that program. As a fitness director for Fitness Together back in 2009 I gathered a group of my clients and we all did the Susan G. Komen 5k race in Charlotte, NC. It was fun!! But, my time was 34 minutes, and I can remember hating it the last mile. I gritted my teeth and did it. I always knew I could do better.

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Sep 2013

OBESITY? Isagenix Medical panel -myfithero.com

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As a nutritional cleansing coach with ISAGENIX, I help many people who are looking to lose weight and body fat, after they have tried every other diet on the market. Many of the people I work from are OBESE. Unfortunately, the percentage of OBESE people are turning to lap bad surgery and other non-safe remedies to lose weight. While at my ISAGENIX conference there was a medical panel on obesity which was very informative.

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Jun 2013

Menopause Support using – Isagenix

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I first met Cat at a nutrition event. As a personal trainer myself we naturally spoke about things we have in common. I introduced her to ISAGENIX, and mentioned it might be something she would enjoy ‘nutritionally’ for herself and her clients. Most personal trainers, are skeptical about everything. But, I am so thankful she was open minded to learn about ISAGENIX.

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May 2013

Waist to Hip Ratio Emphasizes Obesity over BMI

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Medical professionals have long used body mass index (BMI), a measurement for human body shape determined by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared, to categorize individuals as underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. BMI is used in the clinical setting to define health status and risk for disease and is also a common anthropometric measurement used in scientific research.

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