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Oct 2013

Halloween Candy To Eat or Give

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Halloween Candy to Eat or Give?

Halloween Candy Treats


Halloween Past


Growing up Halloween was a close tie to Christmas. I could remember going house to house, till my parents dragged me home. The candy would cover the kitchen table. I could remember the following weeks my lunch always had a special candy treat that normally wasn’t there. Trick or treating was at a time, when it was “safe”. We didn’t have to over inspect the candy as much and there weren’t so many rules. There was always the one DUD house that gave
mints or a toothbrush. What were they thinking? But, Now as an adult and knowing what we know now… things HAVE changed. Just watch this 60 MINUTE video on SUGAR and TOXICITY, in case this is NEW news to you, or need a refresher.

Halloween Present

As my training client said today, “Halloween is out of control now, it is Americanized and marketed to death, I feel guilty if I don’t go out an buy GOOD candy and ENOUGH candy, cause my kids tell me the house will get egged.”
Living in an age where we know more about sugar, toxicity, the peanut allergies, dairy allergies, the list goes on
how do you deal with the BASKETS of candy and not be the EVIL witch to your kids?

Now is a good time to slowly explain sugar, and why it isn’t GOOD to have A LOT of it. But, lets face it, its hard being the NOT cool mom, taking away the candy. Try allowing them to pick their favorites out 10-20 pieces, and they get a certain amount a week to go through. You can also try using it as a reward system. I like the idea of donating the candy to a shelter, men over seas(though why give them unhealthy candy?!), or just throw it out 🙂

Know before you nibble: Calories, Fat, Sugar on America’s top-fun-addicting-harmful-loving snacks

SNICKERS 72 – 3.7 – 7
REESE’S 80 – 4.5 – 7
ALMOND JOY 91 – 5.1 – 9.2
MILKY WAY 76 – 2.9 – 10.9
ButterFinger 100 – 4 – 10
M&M’s 90 – 4 – 11.5
Peanut MM 93 – 4.7 – 9.1
Nestle Crunch 51.3 – 2.7 – 5.6
Pepmint Pattie 47 – 1 – 8.6
Kit Kat 73 – 3.7 – 6.7
Dots 70 – 0 – 11
Skittles 80 – .8 – 15
Jelly Belly 35 – 0 – 7
3 Musketeers 63.3 4 7.7
Whoopers 100 4 13
Nerds 50 0 13

So, go ahead.. enjoy this fun holiday. Just use this as a great time to start teaching a valuable lesson in portion control when it comes to sweets. Ideally, many of us grown ups have gone the organic healthy route. A++ for you if you fall in the category. Being a realist, I know many of you will still eat your candy. That is okay, just try moderation, lots of water and when in doubt… extra exercise. This is when the pounds start.

It takes 3000 calories to burn 1 pound.

YIKES! Just something to think about 🙂


If you would like more information on personal training, or nutritional cleansing to help DETOX your sugar cravings
please contact me!

Danielle Wasser

Danielle Wasser, lives in Charlotte, NC. She is a wellness coach, and Pilates instructor. Danielle is also a realtor with RE/MAX Executive.

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