Pilates Class

Mat Pilates Class and Hot Pilates Class in North Charlotte and South Charlotte.


Sundays 1:45 pm -2:45 pm
Enlighten Yoga Blakeney 
9852 Rea Road, Charlotte, NC 28277
$10 a mat Pilates class

Long bands and mini balls are provided for the Mat Pilates class in Blakeney - Ballantyne.

CLICK HERE FOR INFO:  www.yogaflexnc.com 
Pilates Classes exercise bands
Danielle Wasser Daily Exercises


The focus of Pilates  will be a mixture of yoga moves and Pilates, creating a perfect workout that will tone your body no matter what your fitness level is.  This unique fitness class is designed to improve core strength, balance and coordination. The mat Pilates class will focus on core breathing and correct alignment. The yoga portion will focus on upper body strength, balance and stretching.  Participants will enjoy improvement in posture and overall toning.  Class is taught to all levels so whether you are a core rockstar or just starting out you will feel comfortable working at your own pace.   Women who are in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy should consult with a physician before taking this class. Those with chronic injuries will find this to be a great class by receiving an amazing workout without further harming any ailments.  
If you have any questions about Pilates please contact Danielle directly.

Here is a sample of what to expect in Pilates Class