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Sep 2013

Running a 5k- Program, Nutrition, Supplements

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Running a 5k, Finishing a 5k, and Rocking a 5k in 30 days -my story


As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts I enjoy various types of exercise from kickboxing, dancing,pilates, yoga and weight training. Running however was never part of that program. As a fitness director for Fitness Together back in 2009 I gathered a group of my clients and we all did the Susan G. Komen 5k race in Charlotte, NC. It was fun!! But, my time was 34 minutes, and I can remember hating it the last mile. I gritted my teeth and did it. I always knew I could do better.

The excuses

Shortly after that 5k in 2009(pictured above) I was hit with Morton’s Neuroma, which is a popular foot issue around nerve damage that is really painful. This was my perfect EXCUSE as to why I couldn’t run. But, in fall of 2012 I remedied this problem by having surgery. No more excuses.

Let’s go for a run!!

Danielle Medal pic

With the beautiful weather and mild summer here in Charlotte it has been easy to go for a quick run. My partner, Tim, an avid runner, slowly dragged me into his fun hobby of running. The next thing you know I am running without stopping, my ribs cramping, and asking to stop every 3 blocks. There is something about a challenge that really motivates me. I have seen so many of my friends complete in half-marathons and marathons, and many of my Isagenix nutrition clients use my system to help them with fueling their bodies and with recovery. So, when Tim challenged me to complete a half-marathon I thought he was crazy! But, within minutes he is on line creating a 3 month game plan that would have me ready to complete 13.1 miles.

Warm-up: 5K race

A 5K race is 3.1 miles. As part of my “program” my coach, Tim, suggested that I do a 5k to get use to being
around people, the adrenaline, and seeing how I do. I was psyched. Realizing my previous 5k almost 4 years ago
was around 34 minutes, I was planning on beating that! Now even though I was older, my nutrition is 10x better, I am better shape, AND I have been running consistently with the help of my coach.

Running-Pregame ritual

I learned from some practice runs that drinking water before had made me cramp. So, I found a system that seems to work PERFECT for me.

1) Eshot which is a healthy tea extracted energy drink that ROCKS!

2) Ionix Supreme-this adaptogen rocket fuel helps your body with endurance, muscle recovery and deals with stress. I switched to the liquid version which I do a 2oz shot of in the morning, then I do the powdered 1 scoop w/ water in the afternoon.

3) Isa-Delight Chocolate– yummy. Amino Acids and Chocolate, just makes me want to RUN!

Music- Spotify and Jabra

There are many sources of music out there. I must say I have this nailed pat! I love Spotify cause you can get any song you want, create lists, access it to your phone. You can follow my playlist also on spotify. Then I added the Jabra wireless bluetooth headphones. Winner! No annoying cords, just amazing music into my ears!

Running: READY, SET, GO!

During the actual run I love the app RUN KEEPER on my phone. This tells you where you are, pace, speed, miles etc. These are all things I really didn’t know much about 45 days ago. But, it is a motivator when you are running hear your stats!

Running: FINISH!


Crossing that finish line, or just a practice run is the best feeling! I always have water handy. Either hidden somewhere in a bush, or I have mini water bottles you can get that you attach to your hands. Once I am done I can’t wait to have my Isa Lean Pro Shake! Remember, all I have had in my system is that pre game ritual! So, I have that near by, and water and ice and shake! YUMMM.


So, far I only have my 5k to report on. I CRUSHED it!! My running partner was flabbergasted! As I mentioned earlier my time 4 years ago was 34 minutes. I finished 23:09! That is 7:19/minute miles. BAM! That felt good!! The best was finding out I was the 4th female overall, and #1 in my age group. I wasn’t even a runner 45 days ago! I attribute my success to practice and my awesome Isagenix nutrition.*

Other things I have learned along the way.
Blisters: yes, my pretty toes are gone. Good thing fall is here. I invested in some “special” socks that are suppose to help.
Shoes: I also recommend visiting a local running shoe expert. I visited Scott Dvorak at Charlotte Running Co. here in Charlotte. Normally, I am all for buying online. But, from what I learned w/ my previous foot issue (Morton’s Neuroma), I’d rather spend the extra $30 knowing I have the “right” running shoes for my foot!

Future races. In my future, I have my half-marathon here in Charlotte called the “Rock-tober Fest” and doing the famous Charlotte “Turkey-trot” in November.

I hope my experience can help motivate someone out there. It was really amazing seeing a very “in shape” 90 year old lady finish the race. If she can do it, anyone can.

If you would like more information on Isagenix nutrition, cleansing, and supplements message me. With my personal training business I use this all natural, gluten free, pure system to get my clients the best results.
So, many top athletes fuel their body with Isagenix because it works.

Danielle Wasser

Danielle Wasser

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