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Nov 2016

My Fit Hero becomes My Fit Mom

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Fit MomFit Mom

Since I started this site my life has changed… for the better.   I have got married and just had a baby girl.

I decided since I love sharing with everyone my testimonials or mom experiences I would share those here on my site.  My journey to pregnancy was a long one.

Tips to get pregnant / infertility-

  • My favorite was the Dao Flow Yoga Dvd.  I did this at least 3x aweek.  It comes with 4 dvds all based on where you are in your cycle. *
  • Uteri-Calm  *
  • Red raspberry leaf tea
  • Castor Oil packs with wool cloth and heat.
  • Fertility massages and acupuncture
  • Theralogix Thera Natal Complete vitamins (recommended by my Doctor).


Pre-Natal Pregnancy Nutrition

  • I enjoyed avocados, bananas, and berries.
  • Isagenix IsaLean Protein bars**
  • Occasional Isagenix Shake (sometimes my body wanted food). **

Pre- Natal Exercise

  • I walked my dog 30 minutes a day religiously
  • I invested in some pre-natal DVDs.  I am bought quite a few.  Being a fitness instructor/personal trainer you can say I was picky about what I chose to work out with.
  • Pre-Natal Yoga *-  This was amazing!!  I didn’t even realize it came with 2 DVD’s, total 4 workouts, till after a month.  One DVD is a full 90 min class, the other comes with 15,30,45, 60 minute workouts.
  • Pre-Natal Pilates  *- 10 Minute Solution Pilates. Being a Pilates instructor I wasn’t sure which moves were safe to do.  I like how her video was  no fluff and broken down into different videos to choose for different body parts.
  • I did light weights 2x a week and tried to limit the all out FOOD binges.

My delivery and recovery was really good.  I attribute this to taking care of myself before and during my pregnancy.  Being pregnant isn’t an excuse to eat for two all the time!



*I am not compensated for promoting these products

** I am an independent consultant for Isagenix.  I am compensated for selling these products. Contact me for more information.



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