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Nov 2013


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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the MISS NORTH CAROLINA USA and NORTH CAROLINA TEEN USA pageant.Being a former pageant competitor myself, I look forward to these pageants. In a way it is like I am reliving my youth, but I love the beauty and grace all these women possess. I competed in the Miss Florida USA and Miss California USA pageants. I was the first preliminary winner the year they started doing preliminary pageants, Miss Broward USA. That year my competition was fierce. Very similar to the Top 10 at MISS NC USA.

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Feb 2013

Pageant Swimsuit Preparation-by fitness pageant coach- Danielle Wasser

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Pageant swimsuit competition for some girls can be their strongest suit. They are genetically lucky, they have danced their entire life, or do some athletic sport that gives them that awesome body. The pageant world has changed over the past 20 years, and it isn’t just the “skinny” girl who wins. It is about muscle tone, definition, long lines, toned glutes, “buns” and looking healthy.

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