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Jul 2014

Miss United States – Pageant – Swimsuit Tips

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Miss United States – Swimsuit competition

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I have had the honor of working with pageant contestants to help

them get ready for their pageant competitions.  I find that many times there are beautiful pageant contestants that couldv’e

easily helped their swimsuit body with my nutritional cleansing program.

Miss United States- Miss North Carolina

Miss NC USA Swimsuit

Miss NC USA Swimsuit

I have been working with Elizbeth Safrit for over a year.  I first met her when she won Miss Charlotte USA, and was preparing for Miss North Carolina USA.   Within four months on my system she transformed her body for Miss North Carolina USA.   Everyone noticed a difference when she arrived at Miss North Carolina USA.  “You are amazing and I am so grateful for everything you helped me with as MISS CHARLOTTE USA preparing for MISS NC USA. I wouldn’t trade my swimsuit body for anyone else’s, I was fit and toned thanks to all your hard work as my nutrition coach and health sponsor! Love you! People who have known me for years were blown away with my transformation in 4 months.  You are the best ever!”  Elizabeth Safrit.

Elizabeth, didn’t win that competition.  But, things happen for a reason.



Few months later she won Miss NORTH CAROLINA UNITED STATES. She worked extra hard to win MISS UNITED STATES.  I have never seen such determination.

Miss NC United States

Miss NC United States

On July 6, 2014, Elizabeth’s hard work paid off. She performed flawlessly.   With my guidance and her hard work her swimsuit body continued to be the envy of other pageant girls, and wowed the judges.   Just before the announcement of who won, the Miss United States system announced that the winner for the first time would go to MISS WORLD.    There was only one contestant in who nailed her onstage question, rocked swimsuit with her fit toned body, and was pure grace in evening gown.  That would be your next Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit.

Her crowning moment click here from Pageant Planet.


Photo: Paul Anthony Belletierie and Mid Atlantic Video Prod.

Photo: Paul Anthony Belletierie and Mid Atlantic Video Prod.

Paul Anthony Belletiere and Mid Atlantic Video Photography

Paul Anthony Belletiere and Mid Atlantic Video Photography

“Thank you for introducing me to my all-time favorite nutrition plan. You taught me how to make being healthy easy and fun (hello, hot yoga!).  I can’t wait to design a nutrition plan with you for Miss World!” Elizabeth Safrit

Having a pageant coach to compete at your best level is paramount when you decide to enter a pageant.   Having an expert perfect your walk, interview, wardrobe, swimsuit will help you be your personal best.  If you aren’t doing it, trust me your competition is.  If you are in North Carolina, Lauren Merola Strager is the best for Teens and Miss, and Katie Britt Greenway for the younger age groups and children.

My goal is to help young ladies learn the value of proper eating, super food nutrition, and detoxing.  When you couple this with the right fitness type for YOUR body, you get amazing results.


If you are a pageant contestant looking to compete in any pageant.  My pageant swimsuit game plan can help you no matter where you live.


Your Swimsuit Coach

Your Swimsuit Coach

Contact me at:

Danielle Wasser-Edwards


facebook: MY FIT HERO

Twitter: Daniellefithero



Special thanks to Paul Anthony Belletierie and Mid Atlantic Video for their pictures, and Elizabeth for trusting me.

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Jan 2012

What is Cleansing? Why your body is CRYING for a cleanse!

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Have the holiday leftovers? Tired? Can’t sleep? Drinking more than one coffee a day? Can’t focus?

10 years ago when I began my journey in the fitness field I knew nutrition was important.  But, it wasn’t till the past year I realized that it is 90% of the results.

Last December 2010, I went to a seminar with my training client Terri.  She had lost 50lbs training  hard in the gym.  But, once she hit 205 she was stuck.  We had her tested, varied her workouts and changed her meal plan—nothing.   I knew there had to be something out there.   We both went to learn about this new alternative called cellular cleansing. The difference, it wasn’t a diet and was suppose remove the toxins and impurities, while replenishing the body with amazing nutrition we simply don’t get in our food source today, and lose stubborn body fat.   That day Terri and I learned about not just fat loss, but obtaining optimal health, feeling better, increasing energy, and better sleep.   We decided to cleanse.

The results -unreal.  She began to lose fat and inches, sleeping soundly at night(not needing her sleep aids), looking younger, and working out harder.   She lost 15lbs in the first month and 4 inches in her waist, and since then has lost 60lbs.

Myself, I no longer needed coffee 3x a day, my tonality in my body changed, didn’t crave bad foods and overall felt like I was 18 again.  I made the decision, I wanted all my clients, friends and family to be healthy and so my journey began to share Isagenix with everyone I know and use it in my personal training business as part of ensuring my clients get the best results the safest and healthiest way without dieting.

The Difference between DIETING and CLEANSING

Getting the right nutrients, while cutting calories, can make or break your goals for weight loss, weight maintenance and overall health.  While there are many products designed to help people control calories for weight management, the majority of these “diet products” don’t provide proper nutrition or quality protein to prevent muscle loss that often accompanies weight loss.

Isagenix, founded in 2002 is the number one Nutritional Cleansing Company in the world and unlocks the miracle of the human body by cleansing the impurities and toxins without stripping the body of the “good”, and instead replenishing the body with the most amazing nutritional and minerals on the planet.  This sustains the body fat loss-success.


So, what is it?   

A meal replacement program that takes the cleanser through a combination of shake/meal days, and liquid cleanse days.  Overall, replacing 65 meals a month, losing inches and body fat and guaranteeing you results or your money back.  What sets ISAGENIX apart from other cleanses are the 4 pillars of health: Isalean Shake, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for life and Daily Essentials for Men/Women.

ISALEAN SHAKE comes in delicious chocolate or vanilla and the most effective undenatured whey protein shake that gives you live active enzymes, bio available branch chain amino acids, more of a super food than anything on the market today and it tastes delicious.  Calling it a shake is an understatement, it supports the body in the cleanse process and helps builds lean tissue during the process.

IONIX SUPREME a daily juice supplement with top cell regenerating components the world has to offer.  Loaded with adaptogens, which helps recover cells to an optimal state, alleviate stress, and keeps your body in balance.   Athletes can’t live without it, and for me it is key for that person who lives a busy stressful life.

CLEANSE FOR LIFE is a great tasting impurity reducing aloe vera based juice that stimulates cells to excrete impurities and pollutants that everyone gets from our toxic environment and lifestyle.

AGELESS ESSENTIALS enable you to not have to think about your body receiving the most important nutrients it needs for your daily life.  Proven the highest standard and quality of CoQ10, Vitamin D3 Resveratrol , Omega 3’s, and C-lyte.

Do you use ISAGENIX forever?

Are you going to no longer live in a toxic environment?  The program is designed to get results, and then move to daily maintenance to keep the body toxin free.  The best part is you can still have your wine and pizza, or splurge for a weekend, but you simply won’t crave the bad foods you once did.   I have found it is more than just fat loss, but having the natural instinct to make better choices.

Some would say ISAGENIX is the miracle, I disagree.  Our bodies are the miracle, we finally have the tools to give our bodies what it is lacking and  craving-amazing nutrition at the cellular level.

I encourage everyone, whether you have weight to lose or not, to consider cleansing.  Athletes use ISAGENIX to help them with muscle recovery, endurance, and a total nutrition source that isn’t compromised.

Your car gets an oil change?  You replace the roof on your house?  You save money for your future?

What do you do for you BODY which takes you through life’s adventures, ups and downs, and is single source for longevity?

Here are some of my favorite testimonials….

“My doctor said it is the healthiest I’ve been in 7 years, my cholesterol is down from 203 to 116”- Chris Tolsen

“I have suffered with severe pain from Fibromyalgia , nothing the doctors gave me worked.  These shakes and system have literally taken away my pain.” Sherry Haynes

“I have suffered with “ADD” since childhood, I only need half my medication now, I feel so much better and have lost fat that I thought would never go away”

Susan Thomas

“Being menopausal has been awful.  Since using ISAGENIX my symptoms have pretty much been cut 80% and the belly fat that suddenly appeared is gone.  I am hooked”  Marie Johnson

“I am 38 years old and beating my 25 year old nephew in marathons.”

Chris  Hanely

See below for more great pictures!

For a private consultation with Danielle Wasser contact her at 704-336-9078 or visit

   (right) Jill Birth.  Went from a size 22 to a size 4.

Lori Harder, Ms. Bikini Universe

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Nov 2011

Bootcamp Blues- how to prepare for 1st bootcamp

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So, you see a flyer or a friend tells you about a cool bootcamp class going on.  Your instant reaction is  a drill sergeant yelling and screaming at you or you not being able to do anything.

Here is my prep list that will help get you off the sidelines and into the sweating and burning fitness fun!

1) Eat breakfast.  Ideally, eat something 1 hour before.  If it is a 5am class(you are insane), opt for a protein bar.  But, for the rest of us here are some solid ideas.  Oatmeal with some protein powder, Isalean protein shake or bar, hard boiled eggs and whole wheat toast.

2)Get there early.  Introduce yourself to the instructor and explain your fitness level or any injuries you may have.  Ask for him to give you other options for any exercises that might not work.  Tell the instructor it is your first time.  This way if you need a break, you don’t have to worry about getting the evil eye or extra pressure.

3)Bring water bottle and a towel

4) Bring a friend or make a friend.  It will make it more fun to have someone there supporting you

5) Don’t be afraid to take breaks when needed

6) Make modifications to make moves easier.  Pushups- use your knees, running-walk fast, jump squats-regular squats.  The instructor should give you these.

7) Have fun. Anything worth achieving requires you to start.  The next one will be easier.

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