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Have you exhausted all of your options? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and saying, "I should do something"? You are not alone, MY FIT HERO specializes in these common issues and will change how you look at fitness. Our approach is simple: REinvent, REbuild, REfine through modern science and nutrition.

REinvent who you are into who you will become - Success begins with balancing your perception of who you are with your vision of who you want to become.

REbuild with the latest training and nutrition - Professional athletes have access to the latest training techniques and nutrition tools that greatly increase results.

REfine for specific goals - We are all remarkable people and face challenges unique to our physiology that require a specific goal driven process.

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Danielle trains offering the best personal training equipment, boxing, and most importantly she is convenient to get to. Located in the heart of Ballantyne of Charlotte she can come to you if you live within the Blakeney, Fort Mill, Waxhaw, Weddington, Matthews, Piper Glen area.  OR you can come to her in Ballantyne.  Prices vary.


By the time people come to me, they are completely frustrated with the way they look and feel. Looking in the mirror, not fitting into clothes, getting teased, or simply feeling tired all the time are all common issues I hear from new clients. I understand that working in today’s stressful fast paced job market has made losing weight and getting in shape seem virtually impossible. I used to work as an account executive for Equinox Fitness and I know how hard it is to lose fat and to tone my body while working 50 to 60 hours a week. It can be really tough. But, with the MY FIT HERO program we will create a game plan with your hectic life to get you back into your skinny jeans!Functional training is more than being in shape, it is personal training using agility and the balance that you need in your daily life. From raising your luggage to the overhead bin to catching yourself if you fall. I incorporate cardio, weight training, boxing, Pilates, resistance rubber bands, BOSU and stability ball work, into a creative program that will keep you on your toes!  It is personal training that works.



Successful graduates include moms, busy executives, athletes, college students, grandparents...they all have these responses:

  • “I feel and look sexier” Alex W.
  • “I get more compliments from fellow co-workers.” Samantha J.
  • “I'm the “talk” of my high school reunion.” Bob S.
  • “I can't believe it, I have a six pack!” Tom. P
  • “I simply feel and look more attractive.” Wanda V.
  • “I have more energy and I’m more productive at work.” Pam R.
  • “I’m amazed that I lost weight and never felt hungry.” Jason T.
  • “I simply just feel more confident.” Susan S.

MY FIT HERO has a package to match any goal.

My Fit Hero Personal Training can be purchased as just personal training, or bundled with Isagenix Nutrition.

*Since nutrition is 90% of your success, and My Fit Hero strives to get you your results in 90 days vs 6 months, the bundled package is highly recommended.

*All sessions are purchased one month in advance and payment can be check, cash, or credit card.

ACCELERATED BODY PACKAGE - training 3 times a week, mixing all elements of training and maximizing your results rapidly due to consistency in your workouts and creating muscle confusion. $50 an hour

TONE AND TIGHTEN PACKAGE - training 2 times a week, this is normally suggested for the individual who feels confident enough to work out on their own the rest of the week, and uses their sessions to give their body intensity and consistency. $55 a session

BUDDY TRAINING - is great when you have a partner who is at the same fitness level as you. Sessions are team based and boot camp style, but still focus on each individual's core weak area to maximize improvement. $30 per buddy session. Buddies are responsible for coordinating their availability then contact Danielle.


Clients are advised to warm up on cardio equipment 15 minutes before workouts, and after to maximize results.

What will you learn from following the My Fit Hero Program?

  • How to eat to lose fat.
  • When and how much to eat.
  • Picking the right foods at the grocery store.
  • How to stay motivated and consistent.
  • How often you should exercise.
  • How to better understand your metabolism.
  • The best exercises for you to reshape your body.
  • The best cardio program given your goals.
  • The proper form and technique for exercises at the gym.
  • How to get past plateaus.
  • How to reach a new level of fitness beyond what you have accomplished in the past.


  • Clients opting for the full Isagenix Package will receive $5 off their hourly session rate as long as client is a continued Isagenix consumer.
  • Clients opting for Danielle's Pilates class in Charlotte or Huntersville also will receive a special discount.
  • Clients referring friends to Danielle for personal training will receive one free session if they enroll with My Fit Hero for a month commitment.
  • Clients referring friends to use Isagenix Nutrition will receive one week free personal training if done within client's first 30 days of using their Isagenix system.

Reschedule Policy

When I commit to a client I expect the same commitment to me and their health. However, I understand that "life happens" and some rescheduling may need to occur. I have adopted a flexible plan to accommodate these rare occasions:

- 48 hours notice is required for a cancellation of an appointment at no charge.

- Without two days notice the session can be rescheduled at no fee within a 72 hour window pending my availability.

- If the appointment can not be scheduled within this time frame it will be billed at a $35.00 cancellation rate.

The hardest part of starting any program is making the first call! I look forward to hearing from you and making this experience the best yet!